04. June 2017

The Hot Wire

A Collaboration beetween Skulptur Projekte Münster and Skulpturenmuseum Glaskasten Marl



A collaboration between Skulptur Projekte Münster and Skulpturenmuseum Glaskasten Marl

June 4 - October 1, 2017

documenta Athens and Kassel, the Venice Biennale, Skulptur Projekte in Münster: The hot art summer is already casting its shadow. This year, the shadows extend to Marl: THE HOT WIRE is a collaboration of Skulpturenmuseum Glaskasten Marl with Skulptur Projekte Münster. With the Westphalian city of Marl, Münster is expanding the object of its study – with its tradition for art in the public space, the city in the Ruhr region offers an exciting counterpoint. Because both topographically and sociographically, Marl marks the interface between the Ruhr region and Westphalia/Münsterland and has a tradition of its own in the realm of art in public space. There, the relics of a visionary building culture can still be seen and experienced.

THE HOT WIRE comprises a variety of project components in the indoor and outdoor area: Artists who work in both cities, exchange of sculptures, an exhibition of models from the Skulptur Projekte archive and Skulpturenmuseum Glaskasten Marl and a wealth of reciprocal visits, including by the authors of the writing project KUR UND KÜR in Münster.

Das Skulpturenmuseum Glaskasten Marl

The name ‘Skulpturenmuseum Glaskasten’ describes, on the one hand, the location – the fully glass-enclosed space of the museum beneath the meeting wing of the Rathaus in Marl – and on the other hand, the substantive concept of openness and transparency for everyone. In Marl, the works of art are not hidden behind museum walls; instead, many of them are integrated into the everyday life of the city. More than 100 outdoor works, from Arp to Zadkine, are positioned in the public space that surrounds the town hall and the artificial city lake. The closer one comes to the actual Glaskasten, the denser the ring of sculptures becomes. The glass-encased interior spaces of the museum, which can be viewed at all times, house large sculptures that are not suitable for outdoor installation, as well as a series of small sculptures and objects.

Die Skulptur Projekte Münster

The international Skulptur Projekte have been held in Münster once every 10 years since 1977. Artists from all over the world are invited to develop location-based works of art in the public space – including sculptural works as well as temporary installations or performances. The new sculpture projects, 35 in all, form part of the architectural, historical and social environment of the city. At the same time, they point beyond this: Reflections about the concept of sculpture as well as current topics of our globalised present or questions about the relationship between the public and private space in times of increasing digitization.

Artists involved

Richard Artschwager, Helmut Bettenhausen, Guillaume Bijl, William Brauhauser, Eberhard Bosslet, Richard Deacon, Mark Dion, Lara Favaretto, Günter Fruhtrunk, Louis van Gasteren, Isa Genzken, Ludger Gerdes, Alfio Giuffrida, Rolf Glasmeier, Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster, Werner Graeff, Manuel Graf, Friedrich Gräsel, Keith Haring, Karl Hartung, Elizabeth Hoak-Doering, Jan Hoeft, Shirazeh Houshiary, Berthold Hörbelt, Thomas Huber, Joseph Jaekel, Mike Kelley, Gisela Kleinlein, Diethelm Koch, Thomas Köner, Christina Kubisch, Sol LeWitt, Gustav Metzger, Charlotte Moth, Ulrich Möckel, Matt Mullican, Ansgar Nierhoff, Sany (Samuel Nyholm), Claes Oldenburg, Jorge Pardo, Stefan Pietryga, Heinz-Günther Prager, Random People & Red Park, Johanna Reich, Gerhard Reinert, Erich Reusch, Reiner Ruthenbeck, Matthias Schamp, Corinna Schnitt, Thomas Schütte, Richard Serra, Bert Theis, Rosemarie Trockel, Joëlle Tuerlinckx, Micha Ullman, Timm Ulrichs, Rudolf Wachter, Nico Joana Weber, Julia Weißenberg, Pae White, Wolfgang Winter



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