A center for everyone - the future of the Skulpturenmuseum

Transparent, with lots of glass for views in and out of the building, accessible and elegant: Marschall 66 is to be integrated as a new cultural center and with its conception as a "third place" in the center of Marl. A meeting place with a special quality - art institution and educational institution at the same time - for everyone in the city and of national importance.

The project has been on hold since the double council decision in December 2022 against the coverage of additional costs for the conversion of Marschall 66. The Skulpturenmuseum Marl is currently continuing its limited exhibition activities in a temporary museum at Georg-Herwegh-Strasse 63-67. The museum collection is stored in the LWL-depot in Münster for the transitional period in Marl-Hüls.