The Artothek

The "Artothek" of the city of Marl is a rental agency for works of the Fine Arts: graphics, but also drawings, objects and small sculptures. It was opened on 1 February 1982 with 96 individual works. Over the years, the number of lending objects has been increased to about 170. It covers all styles of art of the 20th century, from Adzak to Dali, Hajek, Morellet and Twombly to Uecker and Weber, to name but a few.

The loan period is 2 months - a one-time extension is possible. Anyone from the age of 16 can borrow one to three works of art for their home or work space. For this purpose, only a small management fee is charged (currently € 3.50 per image for 2 months).

What is the Artothek for?
The Artothek is intended to help all interested citizens to bring good quality artwork to their homes at no great cost. In addition, the use of the Artothek leads to the examination of contemporary art. The daily vision, ie the visual examination, often leads to a positive evaluation or at least to a better understanding. Important in the consideration of works of art - old or contemporary is the leisure, the liberation from temporal pressure. But where does one have this leisure more than where one feels relaxed and at home?
Reserve a place in your apartment where you can present a permanent Artothek loan as your "artwork of the month".